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About Me

Welcome to SC Wellness. I created this space, as I am passionate about people using holistic and natural ways to heal their body. I hope that the knowledge shared with you, empowers you to tune into your body and listen to the messages it is telling you.

I am taking a step into the unknown with my first entrepreneurial venture, which is exciting and pushing me out of my comfort zone. This journey started with me wanting to move away from the corporate life where I often felt uninspired and living for the weekend. I decided that I wanted to be doing something which excited me on a daily basis and that I loved doing. This lead me to study naturopathic nutrition and since then the wheel has been set in motion along different avenues in natural wellness, which I will explore in this website.

Firstly I have always been passionate about food and I am in the process of getting my natural chef qualification. I will be sharing recipes with you from my kitchen, which are normally experiments as my partner James says I am unable to follow recipes without getting distracted. My food philosophy is to eat whole, seasonal and fresh food, if you want some food inspiration then head over to check out my recipes.I recently have introduced essential oils into my life and without sounding too cliched they have absolutely changed my life in such unexpected and wonderful ways. I use pure therapeutic grade essential oils and they have given me a way to introduce natural remedies in my life. I will teach you about essential oils, where to buy them and how I integrate them into my daily life.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, my aim is to be honest and authentic on this website so that you feel inspired to take steps towards your dreams and let your true self shine.