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Be Brave and Just Start!

Be Brave and Just Start!

Welcome to SC Wellness!

I have been talking about starting a blog for a very long time! I have come up with so many reasons to not start as naturally I am a private person. Sharing my true self with the world seems completely intimidating and overwhelming. I have become the master of showing people what I want them to see about my life and think about me; however my vision for this space is to be authentic, honest and include you in this personal journey. I want to show you the good, the bad and the ugly and that absolutely terrifies me. Although I have been digging in my heels to create this space, the universe has been sending me the same message from multiple forms that today I decided I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. Just start, everyone has to start somewhere.

To give you a little bit of background to me and my story. I live in London and have been living here for the past 10 years. I love living in London and have had some incredible experiences during my time here. I am lucky enough to have another home which is Durban where I grew up and this is one of the places where my heart is happiest. My soul sings when it is near water (a true pisces), when the sun shines, being with my family and friends, listening to music and when I feel free.

This new journey started about 2 years ago, well it actually started before that but I only started listening and taking action 2 years. I was fed up in my corporate cycle, I changed my jobs frequently and each time I did I was excited for the first two weeks and then I felt completely unfilled and trapped. About two years ago I walked into a fairly new job and something inside me just said that I wasn’t in the right place. I knew I had to take action but I had no idea which direction to turn, I went to an intention setting yoga class soon after that and I completely surrendered to the universe accepting that I was unhappy and completely lost from my true path. After this a rather strange series of events came about and before I knew it I was signed up to study Naturopathic nutrition and had the opportunity to work part time alongside my studying. These two steps have opened me up to let my true self shine and to a whole new world of possibilities.

I hope that as this space blossoms, that it inspires you to have the courage to start whatever you are avoiding in your life. Wherever you are and whatever you have now are enough to start, so just start!

With Love,


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