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My introduction to essential oils

My introduction to essential oils

Hi from SC Wellness,

I have always had a really good sense of smell and I can identify a particular scent in seconds. It is sometimes a great thing but it also means I am easily overpowered by anything synthetic or overly smelling of vanilla. I have dabbled in essential oils over the years, a little bit of tea tree for a pimple or some lavender for my bath when I was feeling stressed. I knew they had amazing healing properties and I always said one day I would do a course or look into it more but I never did. Then last year I went off to a yoga festival which I was working at and whilst walking past one of the stalls there was this beautiful smell of orange and peppermint. I couldn’t stop at the time but I knew I had to go back and thank goodness I did make time to go back that weekend.

I was introduced to doTerra essential oils at that festival; I went along to an introduction to essentials oil class and bought the home essentials kit immediately. I didn’t even have the money to buy the kit at the time but it has been one of the best investments I have ever made. DoTerra are committed to providing the purest, most potent and ethically sourced essential oils possible. I use the oils on a daily basis and haven’t used pharmaceutical drugs for things that I would have before. (There is absolutely a time and place for pharmaceutical drugs but a headache or a cold is not one of them!)

I am studying nutrition so I have become very aware of what I put into my body but also what I put on my skin and toxins in my environment as that all goes into your body! The essential oils have given me a way to use natural remedies for headaches, pms, colds, better digestion and muscle aches. The biggest change I have had using the oils has been emotionally, I didn’t realise but essential oils work on a physical and emotional level. At the time I attended the yoga festival I was suffering from anxiety. I had a lot on the go in my life and it didn’t matter what I did, I was constantly carrying around this ball of anxiety in my stomach. The lady Jo who introduced me to the oils did an iTovi scan on me that reads your frequencies and suggests which oil your body needs to bring it into balance. I kept on getting a beautiful oil called Serenity; this is a blend of oils such as lavender, roman chamomile and lemon balm, which is helpful for stress and anxiety. I used Serenity consistently on a daily basis for two months for me to realise that I was no longer carry that ball of anxiety anymore.

The oils change my life so dramatically that I now teach classes and sell the oils. If you are looking for a way to introduce more natural remedies in your life, I would love you to join me on an intro class or get in touch to learn more about the oils. Otherwise I will be sharing my essential oil adventures here so stay tuned.

With Love,


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